and yes, we are very good in off-topic whilst traveling

07.16 hrs, the sun is shining  (in NL) and I just read through the latest updates of the seismic activities of the volcano who’s name I nearly spell automatically right by now. Bardarbunga. No eruption but a rupture (in my laywomans words), the heighest quake (M5.7) since a very long long time, and chances still very high on a coming up big big burp of mother earth in the region we will be driving and dancing in the rain (according to the wheatherforecast that is) the coming week.
Dad is still or again sleeping in the other room and will bring us to the airport in some hours.

To know what kind of people we are:  We travel quite unprepared into this adventure, only afraid the flight will be cancelled due ash rains, not because this might be the case.  We just want to get there asap.
And yes there will be even some ashes traveling with us, to give back to the earth and the sea and say thanks , to honour the encouragement of her who teached us to go where our hearts want to go, always… no matter what. She would have loved our journey together. Thanks (grand)ma for inspiring us.

Off topic traveling pleasures


but to make a u-turn on-topic and because we are really wondering if all those are valid



The Long Wait?


Holuhraun lava in daylight. Screenshot from a video by Kristinn Ingi Pétursson, Holuhraun lava in daylight. Screenshot from a video by Kristinn Ingi Pétursson,

Yesterday, the Bardarbunga crisis celebrated its first month. As our readers have already remarked, the IMO has put out an update that summarises the earthquake data over the past month. In all, some 25,000 earthquakes have been registered by the automated system of which no less than 5,900 have been manually checked by a seismologist. That is approximately 200 earthquakes per day on average or eight quakes per hour, during “rush hour”, quite a few more. This is really quite a staggering achievement by the IMO!

Summary of earthquakes from August 16th to Sptember 15th (IMO) Summary of earthquakes from August 16th to Sptember 15th (IMO)

Yesterday in an interview carried by Icelandic News Agency MBL , Volcanologist Ármann Höskuldsson said that the Holuhraun eruption is abating. This could indicate that the first scenario might be about to happen: “Subsidence of the Bárðarbunga caldera stops and the eruption…

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The Man and the Mountain

So great to hear – read – al these details, & love the pictures – Vocano Café and its members keep on rocking – pun intended but came by itself


Holuhraun eruption at a distance. Photograph copyright by Eggert Norðdahl and Volcanocafé Productions. Holuhraun eruption at a distance. Photograph copyright by Eggert Norðdahl and Volcanocafé Productions.

Hi all, long time no see. Thanks for your patience. Since leaving for the north, about 10.000 VC comments ago, so much has happened. But, actually, it all started five days earlier, so about 14 days in “VC Calendar Time” but as all know that is un-measurable in Geological time.

When the eruption started (again) early on Sunday morning, 31 August, Junior phoned me about two minutes after it was first seen (Mila web 05:51). Plans were already in motion. Film. Make movie.  Or at least get stock footage for the Hekla film. Some weeks earlier, this idea had picked up increased momentum, thanks to private support from Carl. By Saturday, 23 August 2014, I had already been in the air, filming over Bárðarbunga …

Further travelling plans were already in motion. I and my pilot friend…

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Is it a plume? Is it a cloud?

I wish I was there


While we are waiting for developments, many of our readers are watching the Mila webcams and commenting on atmospheric disturbances over the vast Holuhraun and Vatnajökull landscapes. What comes up over and over again is the question of how to distinguish between cloud formation of all types (small fluffy clouds, elegant lenticular clouds, convection clouds over the glacier) and a potential plume from eruption in Bardarbunga.

Well, we can tell you from experience in watching the Grimsvotn eruption in 2011 on webcams that, if anything happens in Bardarbunga now, you will not have to ask. You will know. When Icelandic central volcanoes erupt, they do not do small and they do not do fluffy nor elegant. They also do not do big. When it’s for real, all they do is enormous.

Here is a timelapse taken as the Grimsvötn 2011 eruption started. During the start of this eruprion, one nuclear…

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Short Update 140912 and a new riddling session.


Whenever a new post is needed in a very short time and it is not supposed to last for very long till it will be replaced, I try to sum up what happened the last days and what our commenters had been bringing to the blog. And it would be a shame to miss those images and links.

BxSy8aiIIAAntMO All rights reserved Mike Ross @eruptionchaser

Mike Ross graced us with a really amazing image. I saved it to this post so it is not lost amoung thousands of comments. All rights belong to Mike of course. And he also presented us an image of our beloved Mila Cams:
Mike Ross (@eruptionchaser) September 12, 2014 at 00:58
You’ve all been watching the Mila cams… here’s what the view looks like from the other side 🙂
(Cameras are on the pole to the right)

Axel Þór digger out how it looked like art february Credits Mila ( Mila Facebook site) Axel Þór digger out how it looked like art…

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Bardarbunga Holuhraun Update 140910

A reblog from Volcano Cafe, where my favorite dragons dwell…


The eruption seen from Jökulsarlón south of Vatnajökull glacier. (Martin Schultz, MBL) The eruption seen from Jökulsarlón south of Vatnajökull glacier.  (Martin Schultz, MBL)

Amidst the truly spectacular images, the “eye candy”, currently reposted on our FaceBook account, on Twitter and on here by our readers, three possible scenarios emerge. Professor Magnús Tumi Guðmundsson, professor of geophysics at the University of Iceland´s Institute of Earth Sciences and the foremost Icelandic expert on subglacial eruptions outlines the three following scenarios:

1) The eruption at Holuhraun stops and with it the depletion of the magma reservoir of the Bardarbunga system also stops.
2) The eruption at Holuhraun continues as does the depletion with an accompanying subsidence at the Bardarbunga caldera. (As this goes on, the risk of possibility #3 increases, our note).
3) The deflation reaches a critical point where part of the roof of the Bardarbunga caldera collapses which allows water, liquid or in the form of ice, to interact directly with the…

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Home alive and kicking – while Bardar die bunga continues to do so as well

After an amazing day and night in Reykjavik followed by a ride to Keflavik airport which was not that easy due quite some rain and lack of sleep, we had a very comfortable flight with WOW Air, and a touch down on Schiphol airport which according to my son was his softs landing ever, (and he flew nearly as many flights as I did).
No clapping like in on the Turkish Airline flights after a safe landing, but very nice and appreciated, and a company recommandable to fly with. Most friendly staff, honest to G.

After loads of sleep I just opened my pages of en.vendur en more especially of Volcano Café for updates on Bardarbunga and family, and it is not looking good according to my dear dragon friends and the more official dragons of the Icelandic authorities (dragons being the creatures most specialised in the breathing and muscle contractions of our mother earth). For sure I will contunue, maybe not on a daily basis, to update the page here as well.

To make the document of our well spent week in Iceland complete I will for sure upload quite some pictures of our last day in Reykjavik and later also make a more complete series on Flickr. In the mean time there is already some to see on Instagram especially the visit we made to the Hallgrimskirkja church that is.

One example allready here and more updates later as first the washing machine and the dog have been missing me to much. To be continued later, as well with a magnificent CD I snoozed with in the plane with an Icelandic singer/songwriter, and wish you all well, especially if Barda decides to Bunga indeed.

Pictures posted, details later and also later an extra page – in the making – with general recommandations for places to go and stay or watch and experience, and maybe one or two not so positive reviews, cheats should also be named and maybe a little shamed 😉

And here the music I could not get away from while hearing it from the street side a second time, had to go back in and buy the CD – last minute. Very happy with it

One week road trip while Bárðarbunga shakes ass